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Audition Notice

There is Violence, There is Righteous Violence, and There is Death; or The Born Again Crow

by Caleigh Crow

Rehearsals and performances approximate dates: September 10 to November 10 (with main availability needed between October 1 and 31)

Roles: We are casting 3 actors for the roles of Beth, Beth's Mom, and the Tanner-Jane-Jim- Steven track of characters.

Auditions will be done individually, online, on July 29th & August 1st. Each audition will be around 20 minutes.

What to prepare: When you sign up you will be sent the script to read, as well as brief monologues from the script to prepare.

No need to be offbook, but familiarity with the text is recommended. After the monologue we will have a conversation about the project so we can answer any of your questions.

Artistic Director Colin Wolf and playwright/Director Caleigh Crow will be present.

For questions, contact:


Lotsa questions about if or how or when theatre will be "back". Heres an audition notice to share!
Gwaandak Theatre is partnering with Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre and we will be doing a micro audience, episodic, live stream production of Caleigh Crow's The Born Again Crow in October (pending Yukon restrictions stay on our current course - 11 cases in territory, 2 cases out of territory for a total count of 13 cases in YT)
We are putting in place a quarantine residency for the 3 artists travelling from Alberta as part of the Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre cohort, a rehearsal plan based on limiting unnecessary gatherings, and audience distancing protocols, mask protocols, and performance protocols to minimize risk.
Gwandaak Theatre's partnership with Thumbs Up was planned pre-covid and I intend to maintain our commitment to develop this production together.
For folx who do not feel safe attending the live sessions, we will be live streaming them, as well as recording for possible rural dissemination in the Yukon. This will also provide opportunity for the Thumbs Up supporters in Alberta to watch the performances.
We are currently seeking actors to audition (see notice below) and I am seeking theatre designers, and graphic designers to submit their interest.
While we are hoping for a mostly Yukon based & Indigenous/BPoC team - we will consider submissions from all people who are interested.


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