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There is violence, there is righteous violence, and there is death; or the born again crow

Motel theatre, Calgary

Live Five Theatre Festival, Saskatoon

Beth is a peculiar young woman. Stifled by pressure from her mother and neighbours to fit in, she escapes to the outdoors and develops a unique relationship with the crows in her suburban neighbourhood. But when one of her crows begins to speak to her, events take a dangerous turn. Beth always thought the world had more malice than magic... was she wrong? The s crow brings a message about a radical shift in our thinking about urban development, capitalism, and white supremacist misogyny. Influenced by the horror genre, the show incorporates elements of Indigenous magical realism and fantasy, grounding it in a contemporary suburban setting.

The apartment show

Various locations, Calgary

The apartment show is a site-specific devised series located in various domiciles around Calgary. Audiences are guided through performances in each room of the home, tied together by a common theme. 


Motel Theatre, Calgary

outdoor park, Lethbridge

The men who work closest to nature begin to notice strange occurrences around them - in the animals, rivers, and hills. These signs have been sent as a warning from four witches on behalf of the nature that surrounds them. Will the men listen to their own humanity or reject it for the promise of something better?

HEXEN is one of Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre’s first outdoor theatre experiments. It was first produced in Calgary at The Motel Theatre, and again in the Lethbridge coulees, situating the actors and audience right next to running water and windy grasses. Written by Caleigh Crow, it was also produced by a group of students in Toronto at the Fringe in 2016.

Past productions
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