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introduction to the 35/50 initiative

Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre has been in contact with the 35//50 Initiative since early August, and I put my name down on a list of signatories in support of the Initiative. Since then, I have received two emails from the 35//50 Initiative that included a call for transparency around Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre's commitment to diverse and equitable hiring practices, and public acknowledgement of these emails.

I am grateful to the organizers of the 35//50 Initiative for including Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre in this process, and for their understanding and patience around our specific circumstances as a company-in-transition created in response to the very issues around racism and representation the Initiative is bringing forward.

I am absolutely in support of this Initiative, and acknowledge the labor that being asked of me. I commit to presenting our company's context, data, and goals publicly by the end of September. Please watch this space!

In Solidarity,

Caleigh Crow

Artistic Lead

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