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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Hello!!!!! We have tons of new followers on this page, thank you so much for giving us a like here. We typically have a $0 marketing budget and so most of our communications go out on social media. Keep an eye on this space for information on upcoming shows, events, calls for artists. It's pretty sparse here, but the vital information comes through! You can also have a look at our website,

I'm thinking a lot of our new likers came here from the Mohkinstsis (YYC/Calgary) BIPOC Circle Discussion that happened on July 8th, 2020. Welcome! What an amazing moment in Calgary theatre. I am still processing what I heard at that discussion, and it took a huge emotional toll on me as a panelist, so if you've reached out and I haven't answered yet, I thank you for your patience while I gather my energies. The quartz is OUT and charging up in the moonlight every night!!!

We do have a few things cooking right now: first up is the latest in our Apartment Show Series - This Time It's Online! We switching up our usual house performance tours to take audiences on a trip around the world wide web! We're still in the development stage, but keep an eye out in a couple weeks for more details. We know it's happening in August!!

Further down the road in the fall, I am heading up to Whitehorse to direct There is Violence, There is Righteous Violence, and There is Death; Or The Born Again Crow for Gwandaak Theatre. So excited to breathe new life into this project - we will be presenting a new version of the script adapted to the realities of COVID-19 and the performance will include live and digital elements - more on that closer to September.

Speaking of September! Around that time I will be presenting my current musical in development, Hucksterland, as part of the Chromatic Theatre IBPOC Playwrights Unit.

SO! Since you're all on board the SS Thumb, I am looking forward to being able to present some of our work and really share what we contribute to the theatre scene here in Calgary, now that the conversation on YouTube has piqued your interest. There's tons of room for everyone here!!

Furthermore, I am making myself available to any BIPOC Artists who have questions for us about what we do here at Thumbs Up Good Work, or if you're looking for any advice, reassurance, or high fives I can give you, please drop me a line at if you want to connect. I'm currently up to my neck in four different theatre projects in addition to working full time in retail during a health crisis and I have D&D seshes and band practices to work around too, so the more casual the better right now!!

If you just want to share some awesome work you've been doing I'd love it if you sent me all your links!!!

Thank you again to all the organizers and panelists of Wednesday's event: Jay Northcott Zach RunningCoyote Makambe K Simamba Janelle Cooper Chantelle Han Wunmi Idowu Pamela Tzeng Tenaj Williams Thomas Geddes Kiana Amber Wu Jenna Rodgers Mike Tan - I don't know if you can feel it, but there is gratitude pouring out of my heart right now, streaming out to you all, and has been since I first logged onto zoom and saw all your radiant, generous faces. Marsi.

Caleigh Crow Artistic Lead


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